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3 1-3 “IN CONSTANT AGONY” 123085.4
4 1-4 “THE MARINES” 123102.2
6 1-6 “ISS METALLICA” 123115.2
7 1-7 “TARTARUS” PART 1 123167.1
8 1-8 “TARTARUS” PART 2 123223.1
10 1-10 “IMPERIALS” 123331.4
11 1-11 “HELL HAS MANY FACES” 123360.6
12 1-12 “THE RISE TO POWER” PART 1 123400.4
13 1-13 “THE RISE TO POWER” PART 2 123417.2
14 1-14 “THE BLOOD OF THE ADMIRAL” 123515.5
16 1-16 “UNTRUSTWORTHY ALLIES” 123612.3
17 1-17 “THOLIAN STANDOFF” 123734.2
18 1-18 “KNIVES, PHASERS, PLEASURE” PART 1 123812.1
19 1-19 “KNIVES, PHASERS, PLEASURE” PART 2 123834.1
20 1-20 “THOLIAN SIEGE” PART 1 123878


. STAR TREK page 3






This episode only tell several back-stories of the Terran Empire
from year 2070-2395
Prologue PART 1
3000 years ago
There are thirteen orbs. The Orb of Dark Time and Orb of Apocalypse, Orb of Terrible Wisdom, Orb of Dark Prophets, Orb of Power, Orb of Terrible knowledge. There a rumor that theirs an Orb so powerful it can make you into an higher being this orb is called the Orb of Dark Ascension in bajoran history Bajor had a gruesome system wide Civil War that lasted three Centuries Bajor when the war ended and it was just devastating. Bajor’s remaining government collapse there was around 560 million dead. At the before the end of the war who has any of these orbs will ascend. It’s a damn good thing that those bajoran dint find it there was a Pah’Wraith from the bajoran wormhole stole all the orbs and scattered them through out the galaxy. Military intelligences says their was an orb a orb of immortality on earth discovered in Antarctica in year 1912 and by Captain Devaro Xocviko.
Year 1920
ADMIRAL Devaro Xocviko becomes Emperor of the American Empire
Year 1932
Emperor Devaro Xocviko is assassinated; he sort of lost his head
Year 2043
The Eastern Coalition, who found some portion of boronite ore, somehow created and made it stable for 4th of a second when it destabilize the Omega molecules and exploded it took out a whole regiment of 12167 coalition soldiers that happened during World War III lots of experiments were tested to win the forever long World War III but they did worse with a project codenamed Omega Sun a top secret research facility that the Coalition wants to keep secret away from the intelligence, American Empire but the explosion attracted the attention to a near imperial outposts almost twenty miles away that has been working a way To destroy the base. The imperial military found out that there is massive radiation that they never seen before.
YEAR 2155-2165
Colonel Reed of the first ISS Enterprise NX-O1. In year 2155 of the beginning year he was severely injured by a Gorn’s trap in one that killed several enterprise personal but he manages to poll through somehow most of the crew want to see him dead then alive it probably to ambitious and not so popular with the rest of the crew.2156 Major Reed is temporally reassigned to section 13 for assassination missions and in command of 8th stealth MACO squad of 13 solders And five months after he got the promotion to M.A.C.O. Colonel  and that Commander Archers discovery of the Warship Defiant and Hoshi drugged him long enough so she could become Empress of the Terran Empire and Charles Tucker III was promoted Captain and Commander of the ISS Columbia flagship of the Tenth Fleet the Columbia is a NX-class Battlecruiser.
2167 Captain Charles Tucker III is promoted to fleet admiral after Fleet Admiral Gardner died from an “accident” while entering the shuttle bay
Colonel Reed got to command the ISS ATLANTIS NX-05. In just 7 years he got executed by Empress Sato I. For conspiracy the truth is Reed was getting too ambitious and becoming a threat to Sato because Reed went from ambitious Colonel to a badass General in a short time and he has and becoming corruptibly arrogant and he was getting too greedy with his rank. And for the infamous Commander Archer there are rumors still going on from the 22nd-25th Century of Hoshi Sato did with him some say she put him in a airlock and sent him to outer space. Other say they think she froze him in cryofreeze on a distant planet in the Galron System in the Vikon Sector or she put archer on any planet on the empire emperors and empress have lots of terrible secrets that might be told eventually. Or he got vaporized like Commander Archer did to Admiral Black with an advanced Phaser on board the Defiant. Archer was lucky facing Admiral Back. In those days the Admirals were arrogant bastards. They were always like to take the credit and not let any other officer take the credit for themselves and that’s why he led his guard down and archer took advantage and archer is a terrific officer in those days the he had his terror in the 22nd Century.
Prologue PART 2
Year 2259
First officer Lt.Commander Christopher Pike assassinates Captain Robert April with a assassination with a knife in the back and takes command of the ISS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701 and promotes Lieutenant James Tiberius Kirk to Commander and First Officer of the Enterprise.
Year 2266
Lieutenant Montgomery Scott is promoted to Commander and Chief Engineer after Chief Engineer Olson dies from a “accident” that Assistant Chief Engineer Lieutenant Scotty had planed it because he felt he is ready to become the new Chief Engineer on the Enterprise.
First officer Commander James Tiberius Kirk while plotting against Captain Pike. Kirk made a deal with Commander Spock to promote him to First Officer.
First officer Commander James Tiberius Kirk assassinates Captain Christopher Pike
Year 2379-2393
September 2379, STARDATE 56731.18
The alliance is completely destroyed; Intendant Kira and Regent Worf as well as General Garak are executed for being enemies of the empire.
Theirs a ship called the ISS Odyssey INX-45790 it’s a Sovereign-class warship in the late 23rd century that got built by the Terran Rebellion in the year 2381. This ship was the first ship that got the Slipstream Drive prototype. The commander of the Odyssey is Captain Ro Nevin and his first officer Commander T’Lorra a Romulan she wants revenge, her planet got conquered by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance, Beta Quadrant. Commander Maya Stadi becomes Ro Nevins mistress on board the ISS Odyssey.
The Odyssey’s mission is to head to the Delta Quadrant in search for allies to help the fight against the alliance and hopes of getting allies and some new upgrades and weapons to fight. but instead they over shot there destination and ended up in the Andromeda Galaxy when the Odyssey. Commander T’Lorra took command after Ro Nevin tried taking on 7Archien Warcrusier’s in Argo-class heavy assault fighter captain Ro Nevin managed to destroy 3 of the Warcrusier. In the Year 2388 the ISS Odyssey used the Archien fold drive. The crew of the ISS Odyssey made it back before while the Odyssey is heading back to Terok Nor. Thiers a mutiny onboard the Odyssey at the end Commander Staddi vaporized Captain T’Lorra and promoted lieutenant Wozniak to commander and executive officer of the Odyssey.
2389 Captain Stadi led several full scale assaults at Cardassia the Odyssey lead the 1st fleet of the 2nd Terran Empire and destroys the entire planet.
Summer 2393. The ISS Odyssey became the empires new flagship Fleet Captain Stadi lead several successful assault of the Terran rebellion’s first fleet
Fleet Captain Maya Stadi is promoted to Vice admiral
Winter 2393. Stadi became the Fleet Admiral and Chief of Staff after she assassinated Fleet Admiral Necheyuv
Fleet Admiral Stadi will be in charge of Operation Andromeda.
Commander Wozniak is promoted to Captain and put in command of the Odyssey.
Several years later the empire dropped the plan Operation Andromeda because the empire had other plans in mind.

YEAR 2381
The new Terran Empire is created and Fleet Admiral Julian Bashir becomes the new emperor of the Terran Empire.
Emperor Bashir ordered new fleet of warships to be built and to construct a station in earth orbit and defense satellites so earth won’t be conquered again. November: imperial scientists discovered new molecules that could be used for destructive potential and beneficial to the empire
ON STARDATE 58222.12
Spock tried to kill Emperor Bashir but failed. On ISS IMPERIAL ONE “you failed Captain Spock you failed the empire as you made it weak we got conquered by the alliance the rebellion had to fight and die to have it back to it’s former glory while you Spock went in to hiding” Bashir to Spock. “Kirk is right the Terran Empire was getting to barbaric back then” Spock to Bashir “Kirk was wrong” the emperor yelled at him and Bashir punch Spock several times. “You should be died a long time ago” Bashir yell in his ear Bashir to Spock. EMPEROR Bashir took his knife and stabbed Spock in the back. After Spock fell on the floor Bashir said “go to hell you’re a failure to the empire we all know”. “What I do to failures like you”. Bashir to Spocks dead body. Then took his Phaser out and vaporized Spock’s body.
Intendant Ro Laren became the new enemy of the Empire on Stardate 58671.73 Terran Date 9/2/2381
YEAR 2384
First Officer Commander Ian Knapp assassinates Fleet Captain Jennifer Cole and took command of the ISS EXCELSIOR and LT.Commander Tolian Neros becomes his First Officer. While Lieutenant Corey Aster assassinates Commodore Robin Lefler and took command of ISS INDEPENDENCE with Lieutenant Traya Knapp as his mistress
Ensign Elizabeth Shelby assassinated Lieutenant Theresa Feisal and took her rank and place as mistress to Fleet Captain Knapp
YEAR 2387
Admiral Corey Aster of the ISS Independence has lead the empire to victories who is promoted personally by the Emperor to Imperial Commander and is put in command of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd fleets over 3,000 ships
The Romulans escapes the supernova burst
Intendant Ro Laren is killed during the destruction of Empok Nor
YEAR 2397
The ISS Odyssey is destroyed in the battle of SATO IV
YEAR 2405
JULY 21st The ISS HELLFIRE from an Alternate Future Timeline traveled back in time from the year 2451
In hopes changing the future were the Terran Empire has been destroyed.
YEAR 2406
On STARDATE 83067.21 The first Tholian war begins
THE THOLIANS DESTROYED THE ISS VICTORY ICC-5277 and the Terran Empire declares war on the Tholians. the first full scale war in a decade was launch and the Terran Empire sent 179 warship against the Tholian armada they had over 200 ship the big battle both sides had massive losses the Terran fleet suffered the most the lost about 95 ships and the Tholian lost about 169 over a third of their fleet is destroyed by the empire.

Prologue PART 3
Year 2416-2417
On the Stardate 94065.33 the war ended with the Tholians
The war lasted for ten years after the Tholians and the Terran Empire signed a treaty well there are still minor skirmishes The last official battle was the battle of Deep Space Terok a imperial station that move to sector 001 to defend it against enemies that might want to destroy it Empress Stadi is killed when her flagship gotten destroyed during the final battle during the war with the Tholian. Imperial Commander Corey Aster Assassinated Empress Stadi and became EMPEROR OF THE EMPIRE and made Traya Knapp his Empress, Emperor Corey aster secretly tortured and executed Grand Admiral Ian Knapp because Emperor Aster thinks he’ll use his daughter to take the throne.
The Hellfire from the alternate future completely destroyed the Tholian fleet at Tantalus Prime. And pervented the destruction of 53 Terran warships and stole some of the Tholian advance technology and equipped it to the hellfire. The hellfire

A Tholian
Year 2419-2427
LT.ADMIRAL JONATHON MATHIS assassinated Emperor Corey Aster and
becomes emperor of the Terran empire
The Reman wars begins
The empire encountered the Remans in the Viridian system.
the empire learns the Reman-Romulan wars the went for 40 years. The empire also learned the Remans were once a Romulans society and they colonized that settled on the dark part of Remus in some 300 years ago on the dark side of Remus has change the Romulan descendants in to the fierce Remans warriors that we know today
They Built 87 scimitar-class Warbirds to wage war against the empire
2426 The ISS PROMETHEUS Begins construction
Year 2420
Senior Commander JOXION TERIZSED assassinates Imperial Commander James Y. Woomer
Carlson Brom attempted to assassinate his brother Jason Brom and failed after that Carlson Brom spent time in the agony booth then Jason Brom transferred off the
Prometheus and became Executive Officer of Deep Space Terok.
Year 2430
Marine Commander Logan Cain and Colonel Andrea Cain assassinated the Emperor and Empress of the Terran Empire
October 4, the ISS PROMETHEUS begins it’ shakedown

Prologue PART 4
Year 2431
The ISS PROMETHEUS is commissioned under command of Assault Fleet Captain Jonathon V. Wilkinson
With Senior Commander Carlson Brom.
Year 2435
Mercenary Logan and Andrea accidently crossover to the Mirror Universe and escaped by killing Emperor Cain I Mercenary Logan kills his mirror self by snapping his neck and escaped with his ship the Hellrazor.
The ISS HELLFIRE from the alternate future joins section 13 after they figure it out and surrounded them with warships then Section 13 sent out the ISS HELLFIRE several mission and became section 13’s flagship.
Year 2437
Summer, 2437. Empress Andrea is killed by the crew of the USS CRUSADER so they can escape to their own universe. And Imperial Commander Noel Cronin took the position before anyone else had a chance.
Winter, 2437. Imperial Commander JOXION TERIZSED assassinated Emperor Noel Cronin because he is weak in taking the position of emperor
The empire reinvented the Operation Andromeda
The empire is constructing 15 heavy dreadnought cargo ships that will bring all the supplies that they need to construct a station in the Andromeda galaxy to start the new conquest a new galaxy. Search for new molecules that could be use to the empire.
Year 2438
Romulan Admiral Nero is in command of the Warcrusier Narada
The space station in Andromeda is completed
Year 2440
Januray 10th The ISS EXODIA is completed and is the first warship to be part SHIPS OF CARLSON BROMS personal fleet.


Year 2441
The Hellfire from the alternate timeline went to section 13 station to get much needed supplies and repairs and knew the their ship won’t show up on any records because the station that their at is classified so to keep their existence a secret.
The Terran Empire still have several skirmishes
Year 2442
Senior Commander Jack Billings got exiled by his captain from the ISS DESTINY ICC-127813 months later he found an abandon warship took him a while then he got it in working and find the other imperial Starfighter, marines and Starfleet exiles to start a rebellion against the Terran Empire And managed to get the last surviving remnants of the Klingon Cardassian alliance.
Year 2443
Jack Billings founds most of the exiles about 500 officers and marine and enlistees
And found the ancient Terran Empire orbital museum with about 30-40 ship and plan his big war
Year 2444
Jack Billings rebellion is underway he wants to complete his first objective destroy The ISS DESTINY Jack Billings flagship was able to disable he called his fleet then they destroyed the destiny.
Year 2445
The Emperor want’s him dead with his head as trophy on his wall.


There has been reports of heavy Tholian activity in the Tholian Neutral Zone and were ordered to check it out. And to monitor the Tholians, Five days ago there were a few assassinations. The assassinations is low for now there has been 5 officers total that been assassinated by there inferiors for there ranks and positions, there names and ranks are Lieutenant Ho’en Emerlap, Lieutenant Commander Jason Nolin, Major Gordy Mafia, Second Lieutenant Jim Yeasers, the officers that got assassinated now have no chance of making to Captain or General now they got what they deserved to be dead I guess that’s the best promotion that they deserve. Better them than me but some tells me my days are numbered. And those officers got promoted to their positions and rank. After I gave each of them 5 hours in the agony booth and according to these kills and regulations that requires it. I had to get myself another bodyguard because I want to stay alive. My dad the Admiral always says the best way to survive in the empire get yourself a couple semi-trustworthy bodyguards or be died those words never die until you die with them. Then it is over and my dad’s ship ISS AMERICAN EMPIRE ICC-7152232 got destroyed by the Emperors flagship I.F.S.IMPERIAL ONE (a.k.a.) I.S.S. DEFIANT. It’s been three years today my mission is to make sure this ship is powerful enough as I can and destroy Imperial One and to take the throne. Also we have disable a Bolian Freighter and taken the Bolian Captain into custody where going to interrogate him then kill him his crew half of them are going to killed I’ll have some marines take care of it and order them to set their phasers to the max and then their will be nothing left of them. I’m having Major Xioner interrogate him by any means necessary and the empire will crush the pathetic rebels like the empire of old did hundreds of years before.
Computer END LOG

The Imperial Starship Prometheus is flying fast with it’s three nacelles with a bright blue color through space at warp 8. the stars are flying by so fast, it’s like thousands of shooting stars zooming by, in the night sky. The Prometheus is at high warp and they have a bolian freighter at tow behind it. The Prometheus has it with its tractor beam it has Red color beam the ISS Prometheus is a Medium Dreadnought Carrier Warship is one of the first of the RAIDER-Proto-Class built with the most advance imperial technology in existence. The Prometheus is equipped with 2 warp cores plus a smaller warp core in the primary hull to increase weapons duration power either from phasers to pulse and phase weapons and the Prometheus is a (PROTOTYPE) ship. This ship is the first of the thirty of Raider-ProtoClass warship to be commissioned for war and also is 45 decks, 952 meters of destruction. This starship is about 15 years old. The first Commander of the I.S.S.Prometheus was LT.Captain John V. Wilkinson he has seen more battles than any Starship Captain. In at least ten years John V. Wilkinson went from the rank of LT.CAPTAIN to the rank of ASSUALT FLEET CAPTAIN and became commander of 167th Task Force. Lead the taskforce to many victories and most of the victories were successful and very profitable and we have looted enemy vessels capture and kill there crews and take some crewmember that had a choice join us or die that four years later Assault Fleet Captain Wilkinson got assassinated on the bridge of is own ship by his First Officer and his name is Senior Commander Carlson Brom in the empire high ranking officers don’t last long on starship and Captain Carlson Brom won’t let his guard down for a second, so nothing will lead him to his quick demise. Captain Brom is the most decorated and feared officers in the several sectors. Captain Brom is in Command of the Warship Prometheus he is part 120th Special Forces of four heavy dreadnoughts ships. Brom and his bodyguards went to the turbolift and took out and powered up his Phaser and pressed some button set it kill and the Captain is being followed by his trusted Personal Bodyguard Sergeant Wilson Biggs has several scars on his face from trying to protect the Captain from certain death and the Sergeant has no intentions to be Captain because he won’t last long with a crew of mutineers. The Captain is headed to the interrogation room also the doom chamber to check out the agony booth and to test it on a Tellarite and he knows the good saying all Tellarites are guilty of something the saying started from General Malcolm Reed.
The Captain is waiting for the turbo lift steadily and cautiously after he had to dealt with a marine that had no idea who’s he messing a short while ago. that attempted to assassinate Brom with his cautious bodyguard following behind him and he is talking to his bodyguard about the Prometheus about what’s been happening on the Prometheus they had some laughs about who would they be the most likely to be in the agony booth. Imperial Commanders orders about bombardment and the destroying Cardassian remnants that the empire is in search for. After the destruction Cardassia prime the empire obliterated the planet into an asteroid field with the gamma molecule warhead. The imperial fleet let the escaping refugee freighters go because they know that one day the empire will see them again and then destroy them all. The doors hissed open Brom’s bodyguard stepped after Brom left and Brom said deck 27 to the turbo lift then the turbo lift the dark blue the shape. Yes and you are also my bodyguard Sergeant. Yes sir. Huh Just try the Holodeck it could make you a better marine plus the training on the Holodeck is safe I want you to try this program. The Captain hands the sergeant a data padd it’s flat sleek sliver padd and has the Terran Empire emblem on the back and the front of side of the padd so he could program the Holodeck. Today someone will die Brom said, Sergeant said yes not if someone kills you first sir. Don’t you think I know sergeant; the crew is always after my position except for me I just want to stay alive Brom said. Well you are the Captain the sergeant said in a uneasy tone. There’s an officer that really wants your position is your first officer. Who Gordon, the man doesn’t have no ambition and plus he needs to know who to trust to pull it off. You know those were the same words that Captain Forrest uses after his First Officer did a successful mutiny. Hell that Captain’s arrogants became his downfall as the Sergeant was finishing the doors his open. Sergeant were heading to the agony booth deck this ship is equipped with 15 of them.

To the agony booth so were interrogating a Bolian frigate Captain. I hate Bolians, so do I Biggs did you know in the Empire. Bolian officers and enlistes have the highest assassin rate in the empire. Yes I have sir I heard that a couple bolian admirals got assassinated just a week after there promotion.
All that is true Biggs now shut up. As they entered the doors hissed open the Captain took out his knife and look at it his bodyguard just stared at the knife its clean bright metallic the light shines on it. The Sergeant knows how many inferiors he killed with that damn thing. The blade made of silver and sharp as crystal entered the doors hissed close. He sees the bolian unconscious with blood on his clothes and floor and also on the Majors hand it’s a dark blue color. Report MAJOR XIONER!! The Captain said with fierce hostility as he sees the bolian captain with blue color blood coming out from his mouth and nose. He has some bruises on his face and his left eye is dark black his head is on his chest both of his eyes are closed. He is breathing only a little with each breath it hurts because he is in so much pain. He got some betting that might never heal He has the routes on his ships computer. Anything else yes sir it seems the he is smuggling imperial weaponry and hid them on his ship.
Captain Brom turn his head to Sergeant Biggs and Biggs tapped his imperial communicator get the doctor down here we need him conscious to put him in the agony booth the Sergeant said yes sir and tapped His Terran Empire Combadge and said Biggs to doctor Swauberg get down here on the double we have a prisoner we want conscious. Bring your medical supplies the Captain looked at Major and said what the hell is going on here! He said it to the major in cruel harsh and angry tone. He wasn’t going to talk so I tortured him to give the necessary information about the stolen weaponry we needed so we can end this petty rebellion before it turns out to be a full scale war said the Major. Major Xioner if you are doing this again to our prisoners and disappoint me again and I’ll kill you myself and find someone else to replace you may be I should have one of those Sergeants replace you. They might do a better job since all of them been in the agony booth for two hours and they do a better job then you remember major disappoint me and you won’t live another day. As the Captain place the knife from the left side of his belt to the major’s throat. Understood Captain the major said with a glare on his face. He said “bring down here Marine Commander Dias Swordhand and give her a telepath enhancer device that enhances person’s telepathic abilities. Captain Brom make sure she you monitor her while she’s using it MAJOR!!” Brom said. She will read the mind of this bolian and then she will destroy it the bolian will be dead anyway after she does remove that device so that it won’t lead to any assassinations and jettison the bolian body in to space. Sir she out rank me Captain I can’t ask he to do this he’s said it in anger. Major tell her she’s under orders we need information. Headquarters doesn’t like to wait with things like interrogation, yes sir and if she refuses tell her I’ll send her to the booth I’ll tell her that if she happens to use her abilities to get promoted to Captain kill her. I’ Captain! Said the Major in his angry voice the Major hated his shit on the bridge and he thinks he should get killed by Marine Commander Dias Swordhand. The Major knew he can’t get close to kill the Captain even if he tried he can’t win he would most likely be dead in the attempt. so he won’t even try I’ll just try get promoted faster through assassinating other officers that I could take advantage from. Captain Brom tapped his Terran Empire symbol insignia and said Brom to Commander Teager. Teager sir what can you tell me if we got any order from headquarters, I Captain! Teager knew the Captain well enough to know if he knows something the Captain something that’s classified and the Captain find out he’ll execute him in a heartbeat. Teager is pressing controls on the panel and bringing up files of order from Headquarters on earth that sent message through subspace to the Prometheus by the generals and admirals the need there captains to do either investigate, explore, conquer, destroy or cause hell in system that are just being a pain for the empire and looked on the screen at his and look around in the bridge to make no one sees the orders that would give someone advantage and kill him to get his position and rank.

To get the next to the damn first officer position. Because theirs no way he want’s that position because lots of people got and will kill for that position.
He knows the risk for that position is really high and dangerous position to stand on. We got new orders to head to Starbase 217 to pick up a new experimental warhead it’s called the Trilithium Quantum Torpedo. Head to the Viridian System to test fire the warhead.
Command said it would stop all fusion within a star. Very good Commander, keep me informed I’ Captain. said the captain, sir command won’t to know how’s the interrogation going when the traitor bolian Biggs I want you to get my other bodyguard Sergeant General Dominic Aster on duty he’s probably fooling around with Lieutenant Wirtus what he usually does because it’s his break I Captain. And Sergeant watch your SIX and that’s an order, brom said with a small smile. I Captain the sergeant said. In Lieutenant Fleming Wirtus Quarters, Sergeant Aster and Lieutenant Wirtus where lying in bed sleeping with no clothes and covered with blankets after there long and “Pleasurable” night they had yesterday the Sergeant hopes that giving the Lieutenant some “Personal Favors”.
That he might make it to an officer position and hopes to be First Officer than he could protect the Captain and I would be his bodyguard in secret plus I will kill that stupid bodyguard. He’s close to the Captain that’s why he has better privileges and gained Lots of trust I hated him for that. The Sergeant wakes and the ensign was still asleep and aster know that she is very attracted to him because of his good looks and aster is attracted to her because she is an officer. the sergeant goes on the computer.
And she works communications so she could know of everything goes on the Prometheus and information that has some black mail with it and some better weaponry. Sergeant Biggs tapped his combadge, Sergeant Biggs know he can’t trust his senior NCO (A.K.A.) Captain’s Bodyguard.
Because of his superiority over me and might kill me any time he want’s he is just waiting for the right moment. So he better not try any thing to kill I’m his first bodyguard he pick me because I have no interest of being Captain. The sergeant tapped his combadge and said Biggs to aster your, off duty is over now get out a bed and get your ass down here and protect the Captain secondary ready room down. In the lieutenant’s aster is getting out he pulled out the comforter and the and Sergeant Aster is looking over to the bed were LT.Wirtus is lying down. She wearing her pretty black leather bra on and also she have a blanket covering the rest of her body. What I know about Wirtus is that she likes leather a lot. Out of the covers in bed of the went to the comm. and pressed the red button and said to the sergeant. Your shift is over sergeant really sir gives me another hour sir. No! You will spend that hour in the booth if keep talking like that to me Sergeant General I’m higher rank than you sergeant. True let’s put it aside and start thinking what I’ll do to you if the Captain dies sir. Watch your mouth sergeant or I’ll make sure those are your last words. You will pay for that Sergeant General.
He said in a mean tone because he hates because of his higher rank. Find sergeant now shut the hell up and take your break, Sergeant General Aster out! He put his pants on first his and he put his hand on Wirtus to wake her up he said Wirtus and the Lieutenant awoke and she what is aster. It’s time to go to work you should get up to why aster well because to tell me what the crew is talking about and planning. Wirtus put her smooth and warm hand on his back and rubbed it she puts her hand up and down asters back because of the smoothness and firmness and she had a pleasurable had a great night.
Meanwhile down in engineering when someone comes either to check things out or repair or working on the stuff that needs to be done needs a radiation meter because of the light Delta Radiation. The radiation meter is a small silver hexagon that protects the person from the delta radiation that is warp core and several equipment and only the Chief Engineer gets to wear two radiation meters for extra protection from the radiation. An everyone else has to wear one.
The Chief Engineer has a cut on the right shoulder of his uniform when his Assistant Chief Engineer tried to assassinate him by luck he was too quick for his Assistant Chief Engineer to kill him. Commander Vos dodged his knife and knocked the knife out of his hand. Then took out his knife from his belt and stabbed his Assistant Chief Engineer in the high left of his chest. His chest started bleeding with the knife still in their is gushing and squirting out blood every were from his chest and his mouth is full of blood. It’s just a big bloody mess last words before he died were. You will be dead soon, not from me, then from someone else see you in hell Commander!! He cuffed up some blood and then died with his eye closed. He use to be an ally and his friend since the academy with the Branton until he got the promotion to Commander out some dark reddish blood Look like a red lake just. That was on Stardate 122765 almost 4 months ago where the assassination attempt accord Chief Engineer Commander Branton Vos that attempt is over and won’t be the last attempt by an inferior by the Engineers in his Command in Engineering. Commander Vos he has jet black hair he has a optic implant he lost it on a mission it has a red glow on one arm he has to assassination blade that double in to an energy weapon he’s thinking about getting a bodyguard that can protect when theirs some damn inferiors want to move up in rank and they will even kill to do it. The Commander is looking at the warp core that is a bright red plasma stream color. And engineering is a dangerous place were serious accidents the death total is high. Vos was working on a computer trying to update it and helping him is bodyguard Sergeant Westwing had a little training how things work in engineering because Commander Vos won’t fully trust him because he wasn’t in engineering when the assassination attempt accord.
when I talked to him he said he was doing something I told him if he ever dose that to me again I will kill him for his incompetence for protecting me from inferiors and at 0230 he is working on the new phase shift generator device that suppose to work on the Prometheus that he designed and built to bring the ship out of phase and when enemy vessels fire weapon they just go right through the project started since the first Tholian the project was classified until post Tholian war. all the ship in the empire will have this nice piece of technology equipped to the warp core the phase generator work simultaneously when the shields are up the ship seems to shimmer in and out like a flicker of light. Meanwhile Brom and his bodyguard walk from the doom chamber to the agony room they made a bet of how the intensity of booth would make them pass out in the booth and well the sergeant knew he would never beat the Captain in this dreaded thing. The booth is one of the great symbols of the empire. The agony booth is better treatment than those puny Agonizers that are annoying to were that’s why with the agony booths will make the Agonizers obsolete in three years. Meanwhile in the torture chamber Dias Swordhand has the telepath enhancer devices while Major Xioner is monitoring Dias telekinetic abilities from the telepath monitor and if the readings are very sporadic that means she trying to kill a superior Dias and the bolian Tell me everything you know Brom and Biggs went to the agony booth room the Captain ordered the Major to bring him a Tellarite to be put in the booth to test it to see if it works correctly this booth is almost hardly use. Hahahahaaaa! Brom laughed and said “all Tellarites are guilty for something”, right Biggs hah right Brom nothing like testing the agony booth on a incompetent Tellarite and hearing the pain of it all so sweet Biggs said you know Biggs I still wonder how this thing made it thought the 25 century. I know that the prototype was destroyed while on a mission to recover the defiant from the records the enterprise was destroyed along with the prototype Biggs said. I’m glad that you ask that Biggs. Captain Forrest sent the specs and blueprints to Starfleet command.
In the doom chamber. Carlson Brom and his bodyguard look at the booth and make shire it works The doors hissed open theirs a couple marines walking in and there escorting a Tellarite they put him in the agony booth. Hahahaa!! Laughs the Broms bodyguard and says this will be good with a grin on his face the
Marine Sergeant looked over to Brom and his bodyguard aster smiled and gave the officer a nod and he looked and eager to in flick pain to this cowardice Tellarite back at the controls seeing the Tellarite behind the 3 and a half glass
The Sergeant looks at the screen and the controls three a glass panels one say intensity the second if the life support and the third
The Tellarite has his hand on the glass looking at the sergeant and the controller presses
Ahh music to my ears captain brom said with a smirk and said sergeant leave him in there for about 5 ta 7 hours then send him to sickbay understood sergeant the sergeant looked over to the captain with a little feat and said yes sir. good don’t disappoint me or you’ll end up like the like that pathetic excuse of a lifeform carry on sergeant. Brom walked to the door and hissed open his bodyguard followed , Carlson do you think this is necessary? The captain turned his head a little so that he can see him at the corner of his eye so he can see who’s is standing behind him. Yes this is necessary aster to test the agony booth to see if this new model works
1 hour later AAAAAAAAH!! I think that’s enough sergeant send this despicable Tellarite to sickbay the door to the agony booth is sliding open in a circular motion the Tellarite fell on to the floor
I think it really does a good job he said the said the aster. Your quiet right let tell you this agony booth is a new model it doesn’t just in flick pain to its victim but it has a special system to the life support that could heat it up to over 100 degrees or negative 30 degrees to have them in the worst agony in there life
The Raider-ProtoClass will soon decommissioned and the new Raider-Class will be built from the first Raider Class warship examples and the successful design of the Raider-ProtoClass will be more advance then it’s predecessor better armor, weaponry, and the add-ons with the new Quantum Slipstream drive V.I the Raider Proto-Class starships weren’t made for the high Velocities and the momentum of the Slipstream for some ships it could literally get ripped apart or cause a explosion so massive that in theory, It could take out a entire sector.

2 hours later In Captain Brom’s quarters Brom is in his Holochamber and he is in his Lord General in the world war III he leads his company of the American Empire the 74th Sakala Infantry Company his bodyguard behind he to destroy the ECON missile base in Tyro, France and he’s wearing the Lord Generals uniform of two plasma pistols and heavy proton launcher that’s strapped to his back and that he killed most of the econ soldier that were at the facility most couldn’t anticipate the American Empire knowing the Econs plans well since Brom loved world war III Holo-programs since it deals with historical firefights of the late first quarter in the 21st century worlds longest war in history resulted in 1 billion people dead the traitor Colonel Green was made General of the econ Empire. Brom know while leading this siege that he will lose men has 28 men left since there still battling the drugoldiers Brom is leading 7 men soldier his highest rank soldier is a Sergeant General has his NCO Commander kick open the door and the econ open fire there plasma weapons the white that came out of the rifle is bright as a beam of light as Brom’s soldiers kick open the door one his men take out a photon grenade and threw it in the next open door and the Sergeant closed the heavy metal door and then jumped back since the door is only resistant to a certain amount of punishment. Then the door exploded there is fire and smoke
Everywhere and Brom and his men ran through the open door there heading to the power generators. Brom heard his blasted inferior that would be most likely get demoted
Went through the Holodeck walkway back to reality on board the Prometheus in his quarters.
Lieutenant Hawk to Captain Brom
Computer end program he open the door of his Holo-Chamber and what do you got lieutenant as he got a towel from the replicator he was sweating when he was fighting in the World War 3 program he
rubbed the towel on his hair and face so he can go to the computer screen on his desk Brom Is still wearing the uniform and the Lord General knifes and weapons were gone since they were part of the program the weapons disappeared along with the Holodeck program. Brom sat down at his desk he turned a 45 degree angle to his desk Brom said lieutenant let have it Brom’s computer turned on and the
Screen showed a young man. He’s about in his mid 20’s and a small cut on his face from an attempt on his life but he learned from that the lieutenant when he was a Senior Ensign their was a Lieutenant who
hated Senior Ensign James Husker and he pushes him around and one time he tried to kill me because he dose not want me around because I might get promoted higher then him. He got his endgame and I got his rank. The good part is I took his mistress and of course I got all of his medals and of course several of them I already have and his quarters and credits and latinum . Sir on long range sensors were picking up that reads they put out sub space mines these mines send a omega pulse.
When it detonates it the when the mines pick up a ship in high warp if were caught in the explosion the Prometheus will be destroyed instantly said the Senior Ensign they won’t stand a all hands battle station
Brom told the Lieutenant drop to out of warp and I’ll be up their in a minute
The Prometheus dropped out of warp it stopped and the impulse engine on the back of the saucer section with the bolian freighter and the helmsmen detected several Assault Freighters ahead of us from 500 meters and closing and Brom said the rebel knew it must be those damn rebels that want to rescued there weak Captain. Lieutenant what’s the configuration of those assault freighter Brom said with anger and concern in his voice. Unknown sir the computer database can’t match them in the computer database they must be a new configuration sir. Give me tactical on those ships Marine Commander Walkush. Aye SIR! Brandon said with a nerve to kill Brom. On screen sir bolian and the damaged freighter that we got Brom turn his head to the helmsman and said full power to weapons, launch fighters the Senior Lieutenant launching fighters. Over in the fighter bay pilots are climbing up the ladders putting on there helmets and Senior Colonel Jay Mohnson this should be good he said Colonel Mohnson to fighters destroy the mines and obliterate any resistance the fighters came out of the launch bays under the hull see several thousand fighter that can weaken there shield in space the fighters went out of there launch and fire when ready as the there’s a Orion dreadnought and five bolian frigate firing at the Prometheus and their weapons are impacting on the shield the Prometheus is able to destroy the two frigates the other three retreated as the Prometheus fighters could disable shield in order to the beam the beta molecule warhead and then head high warp because it will have a level 6 shockwave that will destroy half of the planets in this system and the fighters have tri-shields the pilot can deploy first shields when like in dogfights and the pilot can deploy all three to protect it from larger enemy ships to last longer than other fighters and blow the enemies of the Terran Empire to the next galaxy since Captain Brom had the long range Holo-sensors up in front of his face it two feet away Brom see the hologram has an area of space and ships positions the sees 2 ships coming to rendezvous with the ISS Prometheus. Meanwhile in engineering, you someone yelling and it all became silence a young Ensign killed a lieutenant with a knife to the back of the Lieutenant that was working on the weapons systems to get the working efficiently. Commander Vos ran over with his bodyguard behind him as he heard the screaming that lasted for a couple of seconds. Branton looked down to the dead Lieutenant’s body and then he
looked at the ensign hands dripping with blood of the Lieutenant. “Then Branton said to the ensign who the hell do you think you are”!! Not even here for 3 months and your ambition had to take over and do
this to a brilliant Lieutenant as he stairs at then the Commander stairs at the ensign and says with his angry voice ok Lieutenant you have no problem killing a Lieutenant why don’t I take some pleasure in hearing you scream in agony when I put you in the booth it’s regulations and I like these kind of regulations he sees all the other engineers look at what’s going Branton see them and says get “back to work everybody NOW”!!! He had a couple of marines leave with him to put the Lieutenant in the agony to come with him to the agony booth on the deck after he and the Ensign left engineering a Lieutenant she has long black hair wearing a Starfleet uniform she has on a short skirt and a top on and she asks a ensign “What happened”? The Ensign turned his head and said their was a assassination and the Chief Engineer sent the ambitious ensign to the agony booth. I wish I was there to hear the screams of the Lieutenant while he in the booth. “I know what you mean, so are you up for a 3D chess game at the mess hall end of are shift” said the Lieutenant “o yes I am ready to beat you again” hah just wait and see” said the ensign. After were done with the chess games you could come to my quarters and really show me your moves Lieutenant the Ensigns said while smiling at the lieutenant.
At the Agony Booth on the Engineering Deck.
You begin to listen to a high pitch sound of the agony booth and a few second later you hear a person screaming in agony it’s always a lovely sound to hear for the superiors that are doing the punishing so it means the agony booth is working correctly.
EEEEEE!AAAAH!AAAAAAAAH!!! As The Ensign screamed in agony an he is sweating from the pain of agony he has to If he screamed any louder the deck above us will hear it o’well also I thought the Ensign knows what he was getting in to said the Commander continue Sergeant the sergeant pressed a couple of buttons on the screen he lower the temperature of the booth to 34 degrees for 3 minutes sir AAAAAAHH!! Screamed the Ensign as he fell the pain of like a thousand knives stabbing a one spot then to another keeping him in constant agony.
The Ensign said to the Commander stop please stop. hahahaaaa laught Commander Vos, do you know how painful this device that you are in LIEUTENANT. Commander Vos said to the Lieutenant you should know that if assassinate someone with a higher rank you have to take a couple hours in the booth. I’m surprised that you didn’t know that. Branton talked to the lieutenant while the lieutenant is screaming in agony STOOOOOP!! PLEEEEEEASE!!! Yelled the Lieutenant. No you have to endure this; like I have I got put in the agony booth 15 times for assassinations and for discipline. Branton turned his head to the Sergeant and said Sergeant the t his head away from the controls to pay attention and said yes sir. Have this back stabber endure the full treatment sergeant. With pleasure he gave the chief engineer a smirk on his face because he loves inflicting pain on enlistes and officers and the prisoners with this thing the doors hissed open Brom and his bodyguard walked in behind and t you saw a woman She has black hair went behind her the left side of her shoulder standing Brom and his bodyguard turned there heads to look at Marine Commander Swordhand and she took off the telepath enhancer left the uncurious bolian where he was sitting and Made her way to Brom and his bodyguard. Brom look at her and showed a little because her nose was bleeding must been when she was ordered to destroy the mind of the bolian. knows some telepathic officers died while destroyer a prisoners mind. Brom took a deep breath and said what do you have to report Marine Commander Dias took her sleeve and rubbed her nose so she won’t someone a chance to assassinate her. “What do you have to report from the good bolian Captain, Marine Commander” said Carlson Brom. A lot here the information I got from him Dias said while giving him the padd. Hehe good work Dias he said with a smile I have to say I’m impressed I’ll tell Major Xioner to jettison the bolian body through an airlock and Marine
Commander. Dias had a hard to look at her captain because she has been having headaches since Dias destroyed the mind of that traitorous Captain.
Dias I suggest you see the damn doctor before you pass out then I have to find some one to replace you and Dias Good work I don’t say it often because most of this crew want’s me dead and Dias we’ll find those traitorous exiles. Sir! yes what is it now Dias. When I read the Bolians mind he meant Commander Jack Billings the odd thing is he talked about you, Captain I was wondering, what was he exiled for ? The captain said in anger that’s none of your concern Marine Commander. This what I can tell you me and him went to the Terran academy together he became a officer with a rank of Lieutenant Commander within 1 year by assassinating his instructor of skilled torture techniques a bad ass instructor he mostly stabbed him in the back and silt his throat before he hit the ground. I forgot how fast he was in the academy when a couple of seniors a the academy try to mess with him he slit the leader and for his allies before they even blinked. That I heard he should a have been silenced years a ago and we both served onboard the ISS ADMIRAL’S BLOOD we became allies not friend because the old Terran empire motto “there are no friends only allies” sorry to interrupt you sir but what happened between you to? We had a falling out more like a betrayal their was a mutiny on the admiral’s blood the captain which was at the time Captain Richard Dawner a cowardice mishap that should be put out of his misery. What happened sir? He betrayed me we both made a deal when we took out the captain he would be in command and I would be his first officer. But that didn’t go down, did it sir. NO! He made deal with the Chief Engineer to be captain and he’ll be his first officer. after the mutiny and assassination after he slit the captain throat and then through the blade that he was holding in the heart of his bodyguard it was a great site to see he was sitting in the captain’s chain the captain and the first officer and their bodyguards leaving and a trail of blood yaa it was a mess but it was like I imagine it he would be captain and I would be his first officer until he a turbo lift doors opened and the chief engineer walked through and jack said I’m sorry I’m in your seat and I ask him what the hell was going on and he said I had to brake the deal with you ensign you don’t have the ambition to take the XO position ha! You honestly expect me to give you the first officer position your more pathetic than I thought. He told me what he did and had a couple of marines beat the hell out of me and put me in the agony booth for 18 hours I had to deal with intense agony for that he came in the agony booth operations to tell me some thing he said “Brom every one has there uses and your usefulness has ranout so instead of killing you I’ll drop you off at Starbase 108 and you can go on from there because if I see you again I’ll kill you” after her dropped me off I sware that I’ll kill him one day! a few short years later he got exiled. That’s all Dias get to sick bay that an order I captain she saluted and walked out. Brom body walked he jettison the body out of a airlock and Brom turned his head to his right shoulder and said is it done his bodyguard gave a smirk and nodded Brom nod back turned his head and smiled and watch Dias until she was gone. they saw Dias walked to the end of the corridor to the turbolift and group of imperial marines passing by doing their assign duties saw of and the door hiss closed. His bodyguard said orders sir. Keep a watchful eye on Dias if she gets to nosy then she have time to spend in the booth. The they walk to the turbo lift the Brom said if the doesn’t shut her up I guess you and my other bodyguard will have to eliminate her. Show no mercy then the doors hissed close. Several hours later Brom walked in his quarters threw his jacket on his chair and walked to the replicator and said computer bolian brew it’s blue color similar Romulan ale it’s strong stuff that’s illegal in the empire the replicator materialized a silver mug with the ship name and registry number and said “cheers tomorrow we live, tonight we die”. Then he took the shot and then threw it at the class and yelled in anger “NO ONE TAKEN THIS SHIP FROM ME”
Then said to himself “NO ONE” because I’m there executioner then laught hahahaaa. Then took another shot of the bolian brew. END OF CHAPTER 1
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In Marine Commander Brandon Walkush’s quarters, he has a display of weaponry from Cochrane’s shotgun, replica to World War III phasers before they were banned and the rebellion Defiant, his favorite weapons are 20th Century .22 rifle and a sub-machine gun called a FN
P-90 that was made by the city of Belgium. Germany Lord General Richard Gorr of the American Empire. Is in command of the 34th Infantry Corps in Germany. That is conquered by the American Empire and it became the biggest American Empire imperial Army Base. And the phasers, through the centuries of the empire. He also had pictures of himself winning a fight at the academy the death match Championships while standing over a dead body during a tournament to prove himself as a good officer for the empire. He won it by killing two cadets in the academy death matches. There are only a few tournaments either because there were no cadets that wanted to enter and die, or they just wanted to try staying alive. The winner gets a trophy and a high junior rank. And the computer screen at his desk has the original flag of the Terran Empire from computer records of the 22nd century. The flag is blood color red with a globe and a sword going through it.

“I hate this ships personnel. I would like to kill this crew and at the same time I need them. Because I can’t run a ship with no one but myself on board. I have been in the booth seven times by my commander for my ambitions. Starfleet has no respect for there marines. We have been guards, personal bodyguards, security, and ground troops. If I had the chance, I will kill my Captain for his arrogance. He will have a cut-throat and will never make fools of marines. The marines have better training then our Starfleet counterparts. That’s why they need the marines. They can’t take care of themselves just take care of there own ambitions. That’s Starfleet’s weakness. That’s why so many officers are assassinated.”

“And at my position and rank you can’t get to close to people because they’ll try to take advantage of you, and you won’t wake up the next day. That’s why I do what I can to stay alive and there is a record of assassination for this year there has been 1,513 of good officers that got assassination for their rank, position and the officers medals. If some of these officers go too far with these assassinations, there won’t be any officers left.”

“Since we destroyed the rebel fleet that almost ambushed us when the Prometheus dropped out of warp they open fire good luck the other 2 ships in are taskforce finished there assignments and came back. They de-cloaked and obliterated those damn rebels that won’t be a trouble to the empire or anyone else for that matter and I’ll be taking shore leave to Risa after this war is over I have a feeling it’s not far we mostly finished them off. The empire, destroyed there fleet at the battle of Deneva Prime and obliterated there space station and completely destroyed there Ferengi allies. Not long now and the war will be over with rebellion and the Tholians” ‘Computer End Log’.
The Marine Commander stepped out of his quarters he looked to left he saw the red lights in the hallway. Trust is something that will kill you in a long run and you would end up in a fire fight or just being vaporizing by a superior or a inferior and if I’m goanna be killed or any of my allies will be killed. Then looked to the right and saw technicians working on maintenance to several of the ships systems on the corridors. Brandon stepped back in to his quarters he shook his head. Brandon that knows of several very secret projects that the empire is working on their experimenting with omega. Captain Carlson Brom doesn’t know about Omega. Omega is the most powerful substance in the galaxy you could synithzie omega from boronite ore.
their were the Eastern Coalition who found some portion of the ore and somehow created the molecule and made it stable for 4th of a millisecond.
when it destabilize it took out a whole regiment of 12167 coalition soldiers that happened during World War III lots of experiments were tested to win the forever long World War III but they did worse with a project Codenamed Omega Sun a top secret research facility that the Coalition wants to keep secret away from the intelligence, American Empire but the explosion attracted the attention to a near imperial outposts almost twenty miles away that has been working a way to destroy that research facility it was harder for the Sakala Division to destroy the facility
The American Empire find something out what the hell happened and they there is massive radiation in a 35 mile radius. Since the radiation lasted only six years. The American scientists found strange properties since the explosion happen on land it seem to cause strange red aura going up to the sky that lasted only 15 hours. The omega is red colored molecule it’s kinda hard to spot in the darkest of night but since the America Empire were going try to do covert attack on the ECON’s important research base because they were worried about what they were building but since they blown them selves up to hell so there is nothing to worry about because it all be destroyed but the American empire. Still had no idea what the hell econ was working on that caused that explosion and the bright red light or the radiation from the explosion a century later. The Terran Empire figured out what happened; now we know it was caused by a single omega molecule. Brandon thought of what he’ll be doing if he’s commanding his own ship instead of commanding those damn ambitious marines. That will kill a superior officer while on away missions or even on a starship. well I have to say that’s how I achieve the my rank of Marine Commander 3 years while were fighting against the Jem’Hadar fierce soldiers of the dominion we had to set are phasers to maximum setting to take down theses soldiers because no human could kill in hand to hand combat them since the war with the dominion is long over the war started when they destroyed the ISS Odyssey a Steamrunner-class Imperial Commander Ron Smith was commanding since the Terran Empire and the dominion had some skirmishes the Terran Empire dint declare war because the empire is strong since they defeat those damn small fighters squadrons of three to ten that were weak they were quickly destroyed. By the fierce warships of the empire well I was suppose to be command of my own by now and those damn arrogant bastards at headquarters seem to can’t make a right damn decision and the it got in destroyed so I was lucky for once. He’s looking at his logs thinking things over on his official and personal logs he turn off the screen because he’s tired he looked at the ship’s chronometer took off his uniform he heard a chime he went to the door to see who it he saw in front of him a beautiful lieutenant she has black lip s and eye liner brown hair the marine commander knew who it was it was lieutenant Lexi J Kalas aka the morale officer she walkup to him and hug his neck and gave him a kiss and then said do you need some company marine. Well as a matter of fact I was just leaving my shift just started maybe some other time kalas it took her a few minutes then she left Brandon straped on his person shield and to his personal weapons and took a steep out and look
His right his bodyguard back and said orders sir. yea is everything set sergeant. every is set marine commander. good now lets get a move on can’t keep the captain waiting or he’ll execute us
Since Imperial Commander Ron Smith and he stood up from his chair and he went to a panel on the far left on the was the buttons are 2 x 4.
He pressed several buttons one on the top right and the two button on the second row and one button on the bottom right the door slide open and their he sees the nice weaponry on the shelf’s. Brandon some times use the small industrial replicator in his quarters to replicate different parts of different kinds of weapons then puts it together to make some of the most powerful weapon some other officers seen some of those weapons and they call some of those weapons type x, defiler alpha some of those weapon are very powerful.
Very deadly there a weapon made from three type 4s and can go through a shuttles shields. The marine commander took out one and looked at it a nice and deadly weapon he’s holding it and remember when he first brought it on an away mission.
7 years earlier Brandon Walkush was just a young Major under command by Grand Colonel Philip Badger he’s one of the worst bastards I ever knew. I heard from one of the Sergeants that he killed his friend that got promoted to Grand Colonel 6 months ago. Colonel Badger he was a Senior Major back then on the Imperial Warship Hellrazor in the year 2430 he was obsessed because his friend is achieved that rank by secretly taking credit for Philips work and accomplishments. When Philip found out he killed his friends bodyguard first then went in his quarters and set his Phaser to the maximum setting after he stepped in his quarters his enemy was sitting at his computer and turned his to the door and saw badger holding a Phaser towards him and he stood up and took several steps towards the one holding the Phaser. Meanwhile in space the Tholian command carrier is in space just waiting to see what the ISS Hellrazor going to do. The Tholian carrier sent out squadron of 14 Tholian web-spinners the Hellrazor sent out their fighters to take on the Tholians. Badger ,Badger, Badger what the hell do you think your doing ,the Colonel said with a smirk on his face while shaking his head he has a bionic implant in his right eye he lost his eye while on the bridge during a assault against the Tholian. Somehow the Tholians took out the secondary tactical core it overloaded sending a serge go back to the bridge tactical console the serge blew up the console sending the Colonel to the back of the bridge he wok up 2 weeks later with a bionic implant and the doctor replaced his right eye because there was still a piece of the console in his eye. I’m getting what you stole from me. Said Major Walkush. Hah really, what would that be? Colonel badger said and still keeping that smirk on his pretending to not know what badger is talking about not even reaching his Phaser. I was the one that discovered and defeated those enemies that we faced at Tango Alpha prime I can’t believe you took the credit for my accoplishments you self badger said in anger in his voice. Meanwhile on the bridge there woman sitting at helm She’s betazoid she has good figure the helmsman was mistress to a couple of Captain’s and first officers until they where blown away by a mutiny to get rid of both. Colonel I’m going to kill you and take your place because it belongs to me. Hahaha major you don’t have any damn ambition to take me out. On the bridge captain their a Tholian heavy carrier their charging weapons sir damn Tholians . Lieutenant raise shields and open fire. give them hell I want that ship to be scrap. fire at will. And the Hellrazor flew above it and fired phasers and seven quantum torpedoes from the port torpedo bays on top of the saucer section. Back in colonel badgers quarter badger look at major with smirk you think you could kill me that easy. Major Walkush scratch his face above his scar that he got in 29. badger you end here ,really are we going to do this or chat up a shit as badger said that then the Hellrazor got hit in the saucer section by the Tholians fired four photon torpedoes which impacted the shield two torpedoes hit the shield and inticipated and the third one hit sort of half way through then the fourth went straight through and hit the exploded and the crewmembers that were walking thought the hallway either dead or died upon the vacuum of space “at least when your dead you don’t have the ambition to go on anymore. back to badgers quarters when the Hellrazor got hit and shook the hull exploded the crew on the Prometheus fell to the floor the major fell toward the wall and pulled himself up and then the major ran towards him with his assassination blade
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Chapters 6 and 7 Main Characters
In chapter 6 the first two pages will be introducing some of the Main Characters
CO/Captain Reka Zellmer, XO/Commander Roger Young, MC/Colonel Vince Price
Colonel John Kelby, Major Vince king, Senior Lieutenant Ronda Sanders, Lieutenant Ben Mafia,
Sergeant Lieutenant Tonya Brainerd, Lance Sergeant Ventress Vienna, Sergeant Michelle Sagan

I Still have to be careful around those who you command there are not a lot of places to go in the legendary Defiant-class warship well most part where heading to the classified system of Omega for testing the Omega Molecule for trial in the field the empire has a lot of enemies to go to war with Omega weapon will surely turn the tide of war and leave worlds into asteroids well it’s only in development stages that made major progress that headquarters is pressing want the Sydney do next stage in testing the omega torpedo since the imperial scientists work on the project says it’s not ready yet headquarters ordered immediate testing since the imperial scientists had already a way to stabilize omega by DR. Denise Ketteract’s work after she left the program and we don’t know were the hell she went. On IMPERIAL STARDATE 88791.94 she is the great-great-grand daughter the torpedo will be first of many if successful the empire will be able to obliterate minefields, asteroids and entire fleets if were lucky entire planets. The Omega is the ultimate weapon of the empire and the most destructive then the modern Quantum Torpedoes. of course in the past its highly unstable substance now we can use it to generate energy and too power space stations and well the warp core is good enough to power ours fleet that have at least three warp core and now the ships exceed over warp ten and the omega drive is still stable for some time since the Omega-Antimatter reactor core been activated the energy from the reactor core feed right into the warp core and we had to completely overhaul the structural integrity cores and modules again so the doesn’t tear herself apart that was on Stardate 122934.1 Computer END LOG.
First Officers
Commander Roger Young, is the first officer onboard the ISS Sydney “I had inferiors try to assassinate me half a dozen times at least I have a good bodyguard he’s my third bodyguard the first got vaporized the second got a knife in the back he let his guard down those damn inferiors. I got an ally he’s a Lieutenant Commander he’ll be spying on my enemies I know some from my academy days a few of them a risen to the rank of admiral those few must have been assassinating there first officers and they probably have a couple mistress’s no doubt about that they should enjoy there rank when they can and they know there rank is what inferiors after and inferiors are always after more power I’m just lucky to make it to first officer position I watch out for inferior and I also watch out for.
In Sickbay
Major Vince King, is the Chief Medical Officer onboard the ISS Sydney there is always ways for advancement in sickbay after a away there are people injure if I can’t save them in time I’ll be getting their promotions and what I’m shooting for is my own starship I think I have to achieve the rank of Marine Commander to get my own Starbase or my own ship that in which I could assassinate admirals or general doesn’t matter if you assassinate some one higher in a different branch of the empire you get to move to that branch in the empire no questions ask and those admirals or general that have jurisdiction of my ship that I’ll be commanding someday if I get a chance to get out of this hell hole sometime I wonder were the hell my life is going I just want to stay alive I’m the
most likely person to be assassinated because some people don’t like doctors. And I just don’t really want to be a doctor well yes theirs
action. Here at times but I just think the situation I’m in are not that good. I had a sister on the Iss Ireland she got killed in a battle
Action. Here at times but I just think the situation I’m in are not that good. I had a sister on the Iss Ireland she got killed in a battle with the Tholians she was a Master Sergeant and she was the mistress to Commodore Jeff Rudler I hated that arrogant bastard. Somehow I knew my sister will get kill if she is with some one that high of rank their was a mutiny on board the ISS Ireland. Commodore Rudler and my sister got killed they both got vaporized by his first officer Commander Richard Husker someday I’ll kill him for what he’s done what I heard from the crew of the Ireland is that my sister jumped in front of the Phaser beam then Commodore Rudler got it now husker is Commodore.
Colonel Vince Price, is the Marine Commander onboard the ISS Sydney. “I have been in full-scale ground assaults I’ve seen good men under my command get killed either get hit by a photon grenades and get litterly blow in half and those damn Xindi disruptors. The Xindi are the worse enemy I have ever faced I fought with Phaser rifle and hand to hand combat. Being on the battlefields like Argus II the worst battle it was mostly a lost cause for how many ship that were lost War is never pretty that’s why marines call it a blood bath from fighting the Xindi ,The Dominion ,The Alliance doesn’t matter what’s your rank or age the wars that have been fought by the empire are the goriest the bloodiest in my time being part of the marines there are probably some marines that haven’t been on the battlefield and I’ve seen some of the worst hell that some times give me the worst nightmares worse than your go damn inferiors trying to gain your rank. that’s why I do not have a Executive Marine Commander can’t trust them they’ll just point the Phaser rifle at you and will just blow you away. I just can’t take that chance on the Sydney I’m in command of 22 marines the second most senior marine on board is Major Colonel Danny Baldwin he’s a damn good shuttle pilot that’s probably why he the Squadron Commander and Chief Helmsman.
Sergeant Lieutenant Tonya Brainerd is the Marine NCO Commander onboard the ISS Sydney. “I’ve been in the enlisted in the marines for like 27 years I’m 49 years old and I have a son named Jason N. Brainerd I have him living with my parent because on a warship of the empire it would be to dangerous. he’s about 10 years old he’s living on not a ship full of mutineers. I’ve been Captain’s mistress I think I have been Captain’s mistress like let me try to remember O’yay about like ten times on several different kind of starships I left some of them because either they got assassinated or there going to get me killed by one of there pitiful inferiors that might want to have me betray my Captain and the captains well they were just enjoyable I was Captain’s Mistress to men and women Captains I’ve gain in rank and have a lot of allies while doing it and lead several assaults on enemy ship and other imperial starship captains that would try kill there enemies since there academy and that is just ridiculous if you ask me make enemies in the academy so what I made enemies when I was In the academy for 2 years but several years later they became a powerful ally but I give them a level of trust I know I’ll never fully trust them and if I do. It’s going to be my last mistake I ever made. Well my captain’s mistress days are either numbered or over I don’t really know what I do know is that I’m acting Executive Marine Commander for Colonel Price because he sort of trust me and also he know that I have no interest in being a officer and I know that some officers consider me weak because I don’t have an executive officer I figure I’m stronger without one”.
Squadron Commander
Major Colonel Danny Baldwin, is the Squadron Commander onboard the ISS Sydney “I have been flying shuttles since I was seventeen I have flown several heavy assault fighters when I was like a Lieutenant or Captain I’ve been in several fierce dog fights against the enemies I’ve been in a total of 137 battles since the Tholians came along I’ve lost more of my friends since other branches of the empire have mostly enemies Starfleet and the marines the Starfighter corps needs friends because in the Starfighter Corps officers and the enlisted get along the others branches don’t really like the Starfighter corps because there are hardly no assassinations. Because we need victories can’t do it if all your best fighters are dead but we can try to assassinate the high Starfighter corps officers when they have a office in headquarters that’s the time to assassinate.
In Engineering
Colonel John Kelby, is the Chief Engineer onboard the ISS Sydney since the chief and the Assistant Chief Engineer both got kill during there skirmish with the Tholians, Colonel Kelby took over his job the Colonel liked being the marine Chief Engineer since he also could upgrade several of the systems already that need upgraded and Kelby has ambitious assassintant but Kelby thinks his ambition gets the job done and he has to watch his back and the ships system the assassintant is brilliant I don’t want to be part of an “accident” it not a good thing most of the time engineering is dangerous enough doing that and watching out for inferiors for engineering mutinies. The since this ship is on classified assignments like experiments with the certain types of molecules. To advance the empires technology to conquer the galaxy. Colonel Kelby’s mistress is the Lance Sergeant Fentress Vain they met each other on the ISS VIKING. They have kept a level of trust to each other for some time because Kelby Knows that their no friends only allies if you a trust a friend that’s going to make you weak and they’ll soon return the favor as a blade to your back and as you try getting them back you die and your damn buddy gets your rank and you have nothing to get your revenge because your dead if you have allies that’ll make you strong. In the long run sooner or later you got to kill all allies and then get new because I know sooner or later allies will screw you later. On my shore leave I should go to New Lake City on the Terran moon Colonel Kelby would like to go some were that kinda safe from all this treachery. I just can’t believe the engineering is a good place for fire fights I mean there has been more firefights in engineering then any place on this ship I’m guessing because it’s bigger then rest of this forsaken ship I had a nerve to take over this position sometime I wonder why I’m doing this I weather be in combat at times but O’well the Iss Sydney needs a Chief Engineer and the Captain promoted me because he knows I can do a good job.

The Sydney in space behind it is several planets this classified sector is called Vallians a race that died out two thousand years ago in this sector they were a advance race and the empire is were we test the new weapons of the empire the Sydney. The Sydney is heading to the 11th moon on the 2nd planet in the system the first test is the pulse Quantum-Ion Cannons. The Captain is having a troubled time when he heard that the ISS Odysseus the First Officer of that ship was his son. Thing couldn’t get any worse well maybe if not carrying a dangerous compound of Red Matter that already been tested on the Gorn homeworld during the Gorn wars. The Empire has no chose but to destroy the planet entirely the Gorn next target was to attack imperial colonizes because of there hatred towards the empire and the Gorn homeworld is gone consumed by the black hole. Captain Zellmer walked in he straighten his collar of his uniform the walked on to a bridge that small and tons a opportunities to be assassinated he thought to himself that “if today was my last day” “I would go down fighting” he turn his head toward the science station were he saw his first officer making with his chief science officer. Commander Rodger young what do you have to report. Commander Young had a scare on is chin it happened during the mutiny then I made him my first officer. Commander Young broke his attention away from his mistress and went to his station pressed a couple buttons at his station the console beeped several and brought up the recent reports of the crew. Captain the omega core mark 3 is fluctuating but in normal levels. And weapons are at damn 200% sir the chief engineer did some work meaning if we use the pulse cannons it’ll go through our enemies shields and the blow the hell out of them because the Sydney could use more deaths. The micro omega torpedo is ready to launch sir. The first officer thought to himself of how his damn captain has been in charge long enough and it’s time to end his rule of the ISS Sydney. Ha he doesn’t know that I have many allies in this position he’s going to hell sooner then expect and his mistress will belong to me I can be persuasive when I want to or if it doesn’t out she’ll be finding herself on the other side of a airlock hahahaaa perfect end to one mans career. Commander Young Commander Young said the captain who want’s to break his focus on the enviable mutiny so he won’t take him out. Yes captain I want to know if I can depend on my first officer who doesn’t have his head up his ass so find me a target commander now!!. He look him in anger aye captain the commander went to the science station and scanned all the moons and planets that would make a excellent target. Roger pressed several and at the far right moved his finger in a up of the circle motion and he laught a little with a smirk and then got up from his seat and walked to the view screen and Reka Zellmer got up from the captain’s chair and walked over were his first officer is and look at the space in the view screen and said did find a Target commander, yes sir I did, well what the hell is it commander, it omega moon snarly black the scans show it has deposits of deuterium ore that would make quiet a bang captain, perfect colonel price target the moon snarly black fire. Fire when ready colonel, yes sir torpedoes away impact 30 seconds captain pressed several buttons on his chair. 3 holographic projection screens came up and watch personally of the empires greatest experiment and ready to get the emperor to reward him for success and to personally promote him to imperial commander.
The torpedo went shooting out of the left neccle wing of the Sydney. the crew watched the torpedoes from the view screen. The tactical officer colonel price look at the screen at his station and said impact to the moon In 13 seconds the torpedo. Then the crew saw a blue explosion the moon is breaking up then a explosion it sent out a shock wave in 9 angles reka yells divert all power to shields now the shockwave it hit the Sydney impacted the shield that it glow bluish red went a horizontal they got pushed back the the consoles is sparking reka yelled to the helman get us the hell out of hear lieutenant or you’ll see your self in the agony booth by mourning it push the ship several light years from there position

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