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 Things to consider

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PostSubject: Things to consider   Things to consider Icon_minitimeFri Mar 23, 2012 9:57 pm

When coming up with story ideas and plots...

It is very important to consider the production end of things. We know some of us can imagine some incredible stories. But to make them all possible, can be very difficult.

Bits and pieces from different story concepts will always find their way into current running productions. When ever funding, casting and technology make it possible.

For example, Operation Deliverance, came along at just the right time. We were already filming an hour long episode and had cast some new people that were very talented. So when the idea came along, it was easy to take some of the new talent and put them into a new production. It only required minor set construction. Since episode one used primarily the Terok Nor sets that already existed. The Runabout interior was the only major set that was actually required to be built. Some smaller sets that were not complete sets also had to be made but were very simple in design. Such as the Sudrian bridge, corridors, transporter room, sickbay and engineering. The shuttle bay set was never actually built and was simply a few pictures of a completed model.

Dark Academy, is another example of this style of production method. It is an idea that has been in consideration for a long time. But now we have several more sets and models that have been built due to Vanishing Point, that we can use. As well as the Terok Nor sets that will be modified slightly for use as Empok Nor sets. Smile An the Terok Nor (DS9) model will be altered slightly to become the new Empok Nor station. The only large obstacle in the shows path, is casting. As many of us know, the countries financial condition hinders casting people who live far away. With gas prices on the rise and jobs cutting hours. It is not as easy as it once was to cast potential talent.

So, with that in mind... Dark Academy WILL become a reality in the coming 1-2years. But it will have a minimal cast. My goal is to have a maximum of 4 characters (3 cadets and 1 instructor).
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PostSubject: Re: Things to consider   Things to consider Icon_minitimeSat Mar 24, 2012 11:04 am

that's good to know casey Smile
damn wallstreet
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Things to consider
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