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 what is the truth of our existance of dark frontier

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what is the truth of our existance of dark frontier Empty
PostSubject: what is the truth of our existance of dark frontier   what is the truth of our existance of dark frontier Icon_minitimeWed Jun 19, 2013 12:22 pm

i been wonder is dark frontier still in exitance or is it extinct because triple fiction is the best film prodution in existence i would hate to see it be no more
i would like to see it keep going triple fiction has the potential of being the best in the world
it be great to see it doing what everyone like seeing doing the best cgi acting and improving it self then other productions that are still in the stone age and darkfrontier knows how to push the limits and exceed where others have failed and arn't doing anything anymore
and i hope the triple fiction will go back to filming because knowing nothing of where the future is going for this production is sad to see i like seeing it alive working on production watching the directing the acting improving the cgi
seeing new series take shape and form
talking to people on the forum i'll keep posting on the forum to try keeping this forum alive
i'm saying i have been a fan since before the first episode of dark frontier my favortie thing about it it took place in the mirror universe and it'll be nice if the series kept going non-stop
the prop making keeps getting better the directing and acting are always improving
i'm saying dark frontier has the potential of being the best production ever
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what is the truth of our existance of dark frontier
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