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 Official Update Oct. 3rd 2012

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PostSubject: Official Update Oct. 3rd 2012   Wed Oct 03, 2012 6:04 pm

Post-Production of Dark Frontier: Vanishing Point is well underway. All filming has been completed with the exception of two roles. (Dr. Aron and the Orion Slave Boy) Which we are still casting for at this time.
Our first preview trailer has been released with a second one expected to be released before the end of the year.
Since casting for the final two roles is taking so long, we will have to push back release of the pilot episode into 2013. Which is regrettable, but we knew when writing the characters, that they would be the hardest two to cast for. However...

The writing of Dark Frontier: Episode Three "The Needs of The Few" has begun.

I am currently working on writing the third (hour long) installment of Dark Frontier. The episode will take place in several locations. The audience will get to see more of the ISS Sudrian, as well as the ISS Archangel and even the crash site of the ISS Damascus.

The episode will begin with a nearly identical scene from the pilot episode of Dark Frontier: Vanishing Point. But then will veer off into a story line that will explain where Captain Christopher Mathis and Dr. Davidious disappeared to after the ISS Arkangel's destruction.

This story line will be told through the eyes of Captain Christopher Mathis and Dr. Davidious themselves. They will narrate and tell their story to various other characters. As the ISS Damascus's recovery operation is ongoing.

'The recovery of the ISS Damascus' story line will allow us to revisit characters that were 'left for dead'. Such as Captain Searon and possibly a few ISS Arkangel characters that might have made their way to the planet in escape pods.

The stories will flow throughout the episode and lead up to a climactic ending which will involve the assassination of one of the series lead characters.

With writing beginning on this project, I am asking that ANY cast members who would like to be involved in this episode; please contact us and let us know. So that your character can be written into the story line.

As some of you know, there is also a preview trailer for Dark Academy that has been released. Writing for that production is in also ongoing. But the majority of it, will have to wait until the script for DF:03 is completed.

The Dark Academy mini-series will feature a cast of only five main characters. Four Cadets and an Instructor. Their five episode mission, will be to seek out those responsible for the assassination of the lead character from DF:03.

We will eventually be casting for this series as well. So keep an eye out for casting calls next year.
We will also be using some footage that we filmed in 2011 of a talented young actor who will be featured in the pilot episode of DA.

Next year we will also be upgrading the production to filming in HD. I know this has been a long time coming.

I want to thank everyone for their patience and following of our production. I know things tend to move along slower than we expected. But production is still moving along. Our fans are the wind that keeps our sails unfurled. You are greatly appreciated! Thank you.
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PostSubject: Re: Official Update Oct. 3rd 2012   Wed Oct 03, 2012 10:47 pm

everyone is doing a fantastic job
and it well worth the wait the couple teasers of vanishing point are the best i ever seen it keeps getting better and better

fantastic actors ,the cgi improved significatly

i'm glad to be part of it Very Happy

keep up the fantastic work everyone Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy
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Official Update Oct. 3rd 2012
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