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 Character Bios

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Christopher Mathis:
Christopher Mathis, is a Human Male born on Earth on July 20th 2368; to Johnathan and Dola Mathis. He was raised on star ships and colony's in the aftermath of Earth's global incineration. The death of his mother during his birth, left a void in his parental upbringing.
Later he would find himself amongst a family of friends. Most joining him and his father from the refugee colony's. It was there, he and his father met Jad'n; a Maquis Commander who had been stranded on the Beta 66G Colony by Alliance forces. Jad'n became almost like a second father to young Christopher. Taking him under his wing, from a young age and training him to one day fight at his fathers side. Though Christopher's combat and diplomatic skills flourished, his finesse for relationships suffered. Over the next few years he developed a circle of close friends, which includes his Father, Jad'n, and a young Caitian boy named Lynx.
Christopher and Lynx met in 2380, during the Battle of South Letress, on the Caitian home world. During the battle, Christopher found himself at the bottom of a ravine after being struck by enemy fire. The scar on his chest is still with him today. Luckily for him, young Lynx was making his way through the ravine to avoid enemy attack and came upon the young Terran. He tended to Christopher’s wounds and retrieved help for his friend with whom he bonded. Since that day they have become nearly inseparable.
Then there is Dr. Davidious; a long time friend of the family. Who's known the Mathis family since long before Chris was born. He is a trusted adviser and possesses inhuman skills that have proven to be highly useful.
In 2390, Christopher and his father found themselves and the Empire they love, finally reclaiming the territory the Alliance had taken from them. His father had joined the Terran Rebellion during it's underground days. Now the Empire had returned to its feet. Ships were being built and Imperial borders were being formed. An alliance with the mysterious Romulan Star Empire, was making technological advancements possible. Advancements so very much needed to force the Alliance back to its borders.
Present day, year 2393... Commander Christopher Mathis and his father Captain Johnathan Mathis, serve aboard the I.S.S. Arkangel heading up the Imperial 7th fleet based out of the Cardassian built space station Terok Nor. Things have changed a lot since the days of the old Empire. But the battle for dominants rages on. Christopher has found many allies but just as many rivals. Mathew Connor, his fellow comrade and Master Tactician has become his closest rival. Feeling he is better suited for the role of First Officer, he lays in wait for his chance to seize power. However, Christopher has a firm hand and very steady eye on his devious Tactical Officer.
Many believe Christopher is still taking safety in his fathers shadow. One can only guess how he will perform, once that great shadow is gone. He is truly a passionate, loving, caring person. But has found those qualities being hidden behind his impulsive, stubborn, and rash exterior.

Mathew Connor:
Mathew Connor is a Human Male, born in 2368 on the planet Nivoch; to William and Sandra Connor. His parents were very protective of him. When word of the invasion reached their world, William Connor Jr. sent his only son to Tarod IV. A Terran Outpost had been established there and was home to his grandfather William Connor Sr. Weeks later, the Alliance crossed the Cardassian border and the people of Nivoch were slaughtered.
Luckily, Mathew's mother and father were able to escape. They sought out new trade routes and made their living working mostly for the Alliance. Transporting weapons and supplies. Right or wrong, it was a living and survival is number one. Growing up on Tarod IV was not easy for young Mathew. It was a hard place to live. Blistering heat in the summer and ice storms in the winter. He grew to be a very tough individual. His grandfather did his best to raise him. Teaching him, that alone a person is nothing. Only with help from others can you make it.
Unfortunately, Mathew was a troubled child and his grandfathers teachings somehow had become twisted in the boys mind. With his parents serving the Alliance, a deep rage and desire for power grew inside him. Rage would become his most dominate emotion. If alone he was nothing, he would need to use others to get his way. He became a manipulative conniving child. Stealing and blaming others for things he had done. Most children get caught after awhile, but young Mathew was a growing professional.
In 2385, the Terran Empire formed a treaty with the Romulan Star Empire. The treaty called for the complete merger of Terran and Romulan Space. Terran transports soon formed trade routes through the Tarod system. During this time, Mathew's parents converted back to Terran trade. They made their way to the Tarod system to see their son. But when they arrived, the boy they knew was gone. Forever changed, by the tide of war and reality of life on a dangerous world.
It was also then, that Mathew would meet a member of the Imperial Starfleet, then Lieutenant Marcus Jorvin. The Lieutenant was recruiting for Starfleet. Both found many things in common with each other. Jorvin's mother and father were dead, he had 3 younger brothers. Through a few meetings, the two had reached a common ground and Mathew knew he wanted to join Starfleet. Young Mathew, could see the power the Imperial officers had. Entire star ships, fleets, fast alliances, but above all, power. He enlisted and without even saying goodbye, he departed Tarod IV.
From 2385 to 2388 he trained in mobile units. Newly enlisted crewmen found themselves, fighting on warships, both Terran and Romulan. His desire for power only grew more and more by the day. Promotion after promotion, he moved up the chain of command. A reputation was starting to precede him however. He was known for getting his way, and ruining those who stood in his way.
In 2391 Commander Mathew Connor, was assigned to I.S.S. Arkangel. He would serve as Chief Tactical Officer (CTO).
Present day 2393, he is currently still serving aboard the Arkangel and has worked very hard to impress Captain Johnathan Mathis.
However, his desire for power is not at an end. He has made a rival, among the Arkangel's crew. Commander Christopher Mathis, is First Officer and the next highest level in the chain of command. Mathew tries his best to show every possible weakness in Mathis's character. Every flaw, every mistake, anything that Mathew can use to get himself the position of First Officer. Till this day he has yet to make First Officer.

Thomas Jorvin:
Thomas Jorvin, is a Human Male born on the Tera Nova Colony in 2368; to Silvia and Ronald. He is one of four brothers, Ian, Max and Marcus. His free spirited childhood, could not have prepared him for the long road into adolescence. He lost his mother in 2379, during an invasion of his home world. The Terra Nova Colony was ravaged by Alliance forces, there were no survivors.
Luckily for him and his brothers, they were aboard a Terran Transport during the assault. It was the loss of his mother which caused Thomas to take on her responsibilities to the family. His older brother Marcus and his father were both serving in the Imperial Starfleet.
In 2382 his father's ship, the I.S.S. Phoenix was lost and presumed destroyed. With only Marcus providing for the family, Thomas decided to join the Imperial Starfleet. He assisted his younger brothers in moving to a safer venue, at Terok Nor. There was no safer place than the Imperial Space Station. He enrolled in training very early and surprisingly took to it quickly. It wasn't long before he too was serving aboard a star ship. He vowed to keep his family together and take care of his younger brothers as best he could. His older brother soon, became detached from the tight group. He rarely conversed with his brothers. This infuriated Thomas, who was taking on more responsibilities by the day.
In 2389, Thomas was promoted to the rank of Commander and transferred to Terok Nor. His new posting made it possible to raise his brothers and care for them without being far away. But his post there would not last forever.
Present day, year 2393... Commander Thomas Jorvin now serves as Cheif of Security aboard I.S.S. Arkangel. He isn't always at Terok Nor now. However, the station serves as the Arkangel's central base of operations. He is able to check in on his brothers and even from time to time has occasional run ins with his brother Marcus.

Nickolus Daudo:
Nickolus Daudo, is a Trill Male born on Planet Trill in 2363; to Hal and Ezma. Both his parents were engineers and it wasn't long before he followed in their footsteps. He was enrolled into an engineering school on Trill and soon made his name known among the highest of the graduates. His parents were incredibly proud and they were lucky enough to be able to get him a position working at the Hyper Warp Research Center. The Trill had been working on experimental warp studies for more than a century. Their innovative technology would become very useful in the future war against the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. Enabling Imperial ships to out maneuver and out speed Alliance ships.
Dervik was quite a social butterfly as well. Gliding into friendships and even sparking some very passionate relationships. He never lost track of his goals though. He worked to impress his pears, and hoped to one day serve aboard a star ship.
However, all that would be changed one cold day in 2371. As if the war being waged on nearly every planet in the Alpha Quadrant wasn't enough. He had received word, that one of the Trill officers aboard a Terran vessel had been injured and was dieing. He was called up to join with the dieing officer. Dervik knew the risks, and knew that joining was a duty and an obligation he could not escape. He feared the effects of the joining. Once a symbiont joins with a Trill, the symbiont assumes control of several of the synopsis in the host's brain. This enables the symbiont to continue its life uninterrupted. Unfortunately, it also allows gives the symbiont an unusual control over it's host. The host's memories, feelings, emotions and sexuality remain intact. However, the symbiont has primary control of the host's body. The consciousness of both the symbiont and host are connected as one. Normally this merging, takes time but eventually they work together as once.
Dervik, knew the other Trill was an engineer and that excited him. Also he also wondered about any undisclosed and unconsidered conditions. He soon felt the joining to be a forced procedure. Perhaps the stealing of his body and he wanted no part in it. He knew of some who were granted the opportunity to decline the joining. He sought out to present his case to the Counsel. The Counsel did not rule in his favor. He was taken to the site of the injured Trill and joined with the symbiont against his will. The officer was a Trill, born among humans and thus had a human name. In the Trill culture, the first name of the joined Trill changes to that of the symbiont. Aiding in the merger and helping to maintain a familiarity. His name thus changed to Nickolus from Dervik. Becoming Nickolus Daudo, and giving him the rank of Chief Engineer of the I.S.S. Nighthawk. As he feared, a lack of control was prominent. The other voice in his head was louder then his own. Weeks and weeks would go by while he fought for control. Over time his battle grew dimmer. He often felt that he was going to succumb to the symbiont. He was instructed to allow the symbiont to assume control. But he persistently refused to succumb to it. The Counsel was surprised and somewhat angered by his relentless struggle to win over the symbiont. They convened and even considered killing him to free the symbiont of the torment he was forcing upon it. His parents and the crew of the Nighthawk however, would not hear of such things. The Nighthawk's Chief Tactical Officer, a Vulcan and Nickolus had become very close during the time he had been aboard the Terran ship. The Vulcan officer suggested a mind meld to help purge some of the symbiont's control over him. They began to meet and conduct a series of mind melds, which of course we done in secret. The Counsel would most definitely put him to death if they knew of his actions. The melds would prove to be a success. The symbiont became no more than an echoing voice in the back of his mind; a powerless voice.
In 2390, the Nighthawk was destroyed by Alliance forces. Most of it's crew escaped, and were later reassigned. The Vuclan Officer, unfortunately did not survive. Without his occasional additional mind melds, the voice in Nickolus's head could grow over time. He had learned to suppress the symbiont but for how long on his own, he wasn't sure.
Present day 2393, Nickolus has been assigned to I.S.S. Arkangel. He serves as Chief Engineer, and still fights a battle with the symbiont inside him. The focus on his battle has caused him to focus away from any kind of social life. The social butterfly has had his wings clipped. He is an exceptional engineer. But the life he left on Trill, is long gone. He immerses himself in his work. It helps to keep his mind focused and the voice quiet. How long he can continue like this, is unknown.

Serena Rivieras:
Serena Rivieras, is a Deltan female born on Planet Delta IV in 2360; to Drenia and Trey. Her mother serves on the Council of Sciences. Her father remains at home and tends to the family. Serena was a well known girl growing up, loving to be center of attention and always willing to push the limits to gain that attention.
She refused to take an oath of celibacy, which is required to remain a part of the Deltan society. There after she was cast out and left to fend for herself. Being Deltan, she didn't have a hard time. Her strong pheromones and naturally powerful sexual drive often allowed her to get her way with anyone.
In 2382, she came upon Jay, who was employed in an Andorian Nightclub. Jay was a human male, with a sex drive nearly equal to that of her own. He was a strange character, with a personality which grabbed Serena's attention. The two of them soon became co-workers and shared literally everything. Unfortunately, Serena would soon find, that she didn't have the stamina of Jay. His genetic make up was not normal of humans, and thus he was able to handle the strong doses of drugs which he often consumed regularly. She was not so equipped and soon found herself in rehabilitation.
It was during her rehabilitation that she met members of the Imperial Starfleet, who were recruiting new personal. She took their offer, mostly as a way out of rehab. But soon found she enjoyed the challenge.
In 2380, she was enlisted aboard the I.S.S. Val-Dore, Commanded by Captain Alexia Mandell. Alexia would find herself intrigued by her new crewman. Serena quickly made her way up the ranks and before long she was stationed on the bridge.
Serena and Alexia, began to show a suddle interest in one another. However, their roles as bridge officers made it difficult to show how they really felt.
In 2381, while assisting in Engineering, a warp plasma conduit overloaded severely injuring Serena and leaving her unconscious. She awoke weeks later in Sickbay, her body undergoing dermal regeneration after sustaining such severe radiation burns. Her Captain remained at her side through it all. Six months of recovery would lay ahead of them. She would recover from the traumatic episode with only a few scars. However, it also left her unable conceive a child. Captain Mandell, grew closer to Serena during her recovery. The two of them became practically inseparable. Feelings would soon develop and before long they were partnered. Starfleet protocol would have to take a back seat to their romance.
Present day 2393, Commander Rivieras serves as Executive Officer of I.S.S. Val-Dore. Her relationship with Aleixa Mandell has never been stronger.

Davidious, is a creature of mystery... Very little is known about this mysterious
physician, prier to his discovery in the early 2300's. He was found on the barren planetoid Sedna Oroxy, by the I.S.S. Arcadia NCC- 40874. During a mineral survey the Acadia's dyno-scanners detected a life form on the surface. Captain Nathan Mathis, father of Johnathan Mathis was the vessels commanding officer at the time. The lifeforms locations was very near a large dilithium deposit and thus he ordered an away team to the surface to investigate.
It was there that they came upon a veiny gray colored life form. The unidentified life form did not speak. Yet he was self aware and able to comprehend the away teams actions. Perhaps through telepathy. The universal translator was unable to develope a translation until weeks later, after he was brought aboard the Arcadia. There he began to speak and communicate with the crew. His presents on board was questioned by the Imperial High Command. Who wanted to know what he was. He was apparently an orphan of some kind. Perhaps left behind by parents who were long since gone.
Over time strange abilities made themselves known. Seemingly unable to control or understand his powers, Davidious could heal others and detect the thoughts of those many, decks below and above him. Some considered it an invasion of privacy, since not only could he hear their thoughts but they were able to hear his as well. A Vulcan officer working for Imperial Central Intelligence, was made aware of his presents on board the Aradia. Davidious would find himself being taken from by force from the ship weeks later. Captain Nathan Mathis, vowing to fight the ICI's decision to remove him but it would be to no avail.
Many years passed. Davidious slipped into non-existence, becoming classified.
Sometime in 2352, he reemerged into Terran society. Davidious had learned to control his abilities. Not only could he control them, but he had made the choice not to use them to serve the ICI. Such defiance would normally had cost a man his life. Yet for some reason unknown to him, he was not killed. He joined the medical field and soon enrolled in Imperial Starfleet Academy. It was there that he would meet, Cadet Johnathan Mathis.
Johnathan had his eyes set on the stars, while Davidious was more concerned with discovering his true nature. Who he was, and where he had really came from. After completely the Academy, Davidious became a leader in the medical field. Serving the Empire at the Imperial Headquarters on Earth. The Mathis family became very close to Davidious. Telling him all they knew about his discovery. Nathan Mathis would pass away in 2360 from an incurable case of old age, his Doctor was Davidious.
In 2370, the Empire came under attack by the Klingon-Cardassian Alliance. A key target was Earth, the heart of the Empire. Earth fell to a global incineration and all it's inhabitants who couldn't escape were killed. Those who did escape barely escaped with their lives. Doctors were the last best hope for the injured and thus they too became a target of the Alliance.
Davidious was lucky enough to escape the Earth's incineration, but was forced into hiding by the oppressive Alliance forces. He would travel from world to world, aiding those in need of medical attention. His travels would soon end as word grew that Terok Nor had been ceased by the Terran Rebellion. It wasn't long after that, that word of the Mystical Doctor would reach the Lord Marshall. Leader of the Rebellions underground and commander of Terok Nor. The Lord Marshall would call for Davidious. He made his way to Terok Nor, and found a new purpose. The battle for freedom was being fought there. A battle that was loosing lives on its front lines.
In 2390, Johnathan Mathis and his son Christopher would assume command of the I.S.S. Arkangel. An Imperial Warship, based out of Terok Nor. Captain Mathis would request his fathers old friend for the position of Chief Medical Officer.
Present day 2393, Dr. Davidious is CMO of the I.S.S. Arkangel. He has the experience of 2 lifetimes, maybe more since no one is truly sure how old he is.

Lynx, is a Caitian Male, born on the Planet Cait in 2371; to Azure and Arleta. He is the third of triplet brothers, Blaine and Austin and has an older sister Briana. He has always been a very curious and ambitious creature. However, he found himself steering clear of his family, when they insisted he join in on the family's transport business. He learned young how to pilot, but mostly because in his young heart he wanted to fly himself away them. During a scheduled delivering, him and his family found themselves under fire from Terran forces. Caught in The Battle of South Letress and only 9 years old, this would be a changing point in his life.
While scurrying away from the weapons fire, he came upon a wounded Human boy. He had seen humans before and knew to steer clear of these dangerous people. He had never seen a Human boy. He watched in wonder. How could this being grow to be a threat to him or his people. So many similarities existed between them. He couldn't help but approach young Christopher Mathis. He tended to the boys wounds and stayed with him awaiting help. It was during this time, that the two learned of a bond. A bond which neither had ever felt before.
When the Terran forces finally made their way ravine in search of young Christopher; Lynx hid and watched as the other Humans tended to him. They reminded him of his own family. These people could not be as dangerous as the Caitians were taught to believe.
He returned to the site of his families transport. But found no transport there. His family had fled in fear. A fear so strong that they left their own child behind. Feeling alone and abandoned, Lynx made the decision to find the boy who with whom he had bonded. The heart of a Caitian runs deep, deeper than any other. He managed to track down the Terran Rebellions encampment and there he found his young friend.
Johnathan Mathis, had been told the story of the young Caitian boy and how he helped his son survive. He was grateful, but cautious. Against his better judgment, and understanding Lynx's situation and realizing the bond he had with his son, he agreed to allow him to follow the Rebellion. From that moment on, Lynx would be a constant companion to young Christopher.
In 2388, Lynx became a pilot for the Rebellion. Aiding in multiple engagements with Alliance forces. During such engagements he proved to Mr. Mathis that he was valuable to the Rebellion and not just an extra mouth to feed or body to clothe.
In 2390, he and the Mathis's came aboard the I.S.S. Arkangel. This ship would become their permanent residence. More than just a ship, the warship would be their home. Lynx had found a new family. One who would never abandon him. Through his bond to Christopher he knows this to be forever true.
Present day 2393, Ensign Lynx is helmsman of the I.S.S. Arkangel. He shares quarters with Commander Christopher Mathis. His soul mate, and constant companion. They have become quite the couple. Nothing could come between them.
He often spends time alone, crawling through miles of jefferies tubes. An instinctual desire he may have always have. He has also discovered a love of music and sculpture. Unusual for someone of his species, since most Caitians are often trapped in a routine. Thinking outside the box, is not a safe way to live. He is forever grateful for the chance to see the universe. No trade routes or routines, everyday is a new adventure.
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