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PostSubject: DARK FRONTIER SEASON 2 PLOTS   DARK FRONTIER SEASON 2 PLOTS Icon_minitimeTue Feb 28, 2012 10:23 pm

New Enemy
Their from the kalium galaxy
They start wars and have entire populations bow to there knees
There eyes glow most of the time
A very religious race their ship are giant cities called the MIGHTY GARADS Ark
Their warships gold plated and shaped similar are a combination of the reman warship battle galatica and the destiny. their shield are a white red combination they have small red looks similar to cargo ships called death ship in space their clothes are robes ranking are colors black is emperor Garad black and yellow is the empress and yellow is Chief mighty Garad
Blue is commander red colonel-commander blue/red colonel
Weaponry similar to Remans in star trek nemesis
This enemy arc lasts only 7 episodes with a 2hr. season 3 premier to wrap the arc of this enemy

(part 1-2)
The survivors of the first Arkangel because of a warp core breach cause by the galor class weapons

It starts out with the ISS Klugowski being destroyed it’s a Defiant-Pathfinder class
IN THIS EPISODE: it deals with a new enemy called the Val’Kar’Ans that uses religious beliefs to enslave race through out the sector and their on the door step between the Terran Empire and the alliance war first they destroy a ship from the empire then several ships of the alliance and they suggest and alliance till the initial threat is over

Captain Christopher Mathis has to deal with the pah’wraiths and becoming their emissary and use their power temporarily to use against this threat
And he see’s his father and asks for his help he bring him back temporarily to help himself and to be a better captain and know the real reason he died is because be for he went on it he saw the orb and it showed his future and his sons future if he did not die And Commander lynx becoming the new first officer of the arkangel
And they finally discover the bajoran wormhole
At the end they capture a prisoner and then goes dark
Sub arc deals with Dr Davidious father imperial commander Anlon Davidious he’s in command of the Iss Nocturnal who’s over seeing the lord marshal and they haven’t see or spoken to each other in 70 years
Also dealing with a rogue group of Romulans that don’t want the alliance with the Terran Empire. And call themselves the Narada’s

some of it could work
Their would be flash backs to when he tell Chris the story of what happened
On a mission deals with the death of lynx with Chris’s abilities he goes to the future. year 2415 and sees the station destroyed the Arkangel abandon in space he went to Bajor saw the cities levels to the ground he see a small boy running away and follow him to a cave and saw the people he walk to one of them and asks what going on he turns around and see chris you happen about 16 years ago after the death of lynx. it tore you all up and
And chris asks how do you know this I was there when with you when died when we came under fire from the alliance you fell a part after that when we got back you change
Now you’re the emperor of the galaxy and he goes when you succeed as emperor their started the war a massive battle and chris says against who and he said everyone everyone seem to know the deal with you and the pah’wraiths really how?i don’t really know in 2411 the station was the spot of the final battle and you went out to planet after planet using your powers to destroy entire system
All this start when you couldn’t save lynx
He goes back in time in his past self and save him and lynx say how. because I know the person I would be if I hadn’t
Back in 2394 max ends up in sickbay it seem he just can’t get a break of getting in trouble and
The arkangel gets a refit
As the battles with the alliance and the Val’Kar’Ans get more intence. the arkangel is set in drydock to get a refit
The alliance made a clone of Chris’s father and has all the memories of his dad but he’s secretly under the val’kar’ans control to kill Chris and then destroys the station with help of doctor davidious they stopped him from completing his mission and a small fleet attacks Terok nor and end up having then retreating captain mathis knows they’ll be back and He’ll be ready.
A squad of 7 marines lead by Major Travis Sullivan of the 47th imperial marines “the roughnecks” is set on a planet to stop the val’kar’ans from capturing a important outpost they lost contact with commander Destructor from the out post
Head to the station and while their heading there they are fired upon
They lose 3 marines and continue on to the out post they made it and discover they have about 20 enemies to deal with. They use a couple stun grenades to take all of them out to gain control and then a fire fight
He found some recordings that Chris’s father left behind in a encrypted section in the ships computer and found that he’s has kirks Tantulas field and he hide it because their would be people that’ll kill for it
And through out history everyone thought it vanished
Meanwhile max enters the academy and ends up starting a fight on the first day there.
At the end doctor davidious has Chris’s father in suspended animation until he find a way to remove the remote control device that’s in his brain also has a particle of omega somehow and can’t be removed at this time the suspended animation can stop the singnal from activating and killing everyone

During a mission the arkangel passes through a interdimeasional corridor and wind up in the other universes were their in the federation and then in a universe where giant spaceborne lifeforms swarm the galaxy and has to battle there way out that universe and unknown universe where they encounter the destiny from SGU and then a Terran empire that did not fall and they face their original arkangel and emperor Sullivan and the 2 ships battle and captain Sullivan ship destroys emperor sullivans arkangel. And gets the hell out of here then have helm activate the drive and they reverse it heads to the c
Sub plot major Travis Sullivan leads his squad to investigate the Romulan rogue group the Narada’s

On Terok nor the lord marshal goes to red alert because on sensors a massive fleet is building up to attack Terok Nor E.T.A. 2 WEEKS

3 15min episodes that’ll lead up to the season finale
“DEATH” about 7 months ago
Starts out with captain Mathis and commander lynx in the arkangel’s lounge and they were talking about what happen at the alliance outpost and the death of commander Connor, commander Markus jorvin commander serena riveria and the destruction of the other arkangel
Mathis being unsure of himself of being captain
“Faith” 3 MONTHS AGO
On the recent val’kar’ans homeworld val’ka’ra secoprime
And they worship highly evolved beings that came from the last universe before this universe was created by the big bang there called Hy’Yana Gurtiyans and it tells them to send everything at the Terran Empire to wipe them out and have them worship the Hy’Yana Gurtiyans
“Life” 1 month ago
While the Arkangel is getting repaired
The lord marshal deals with the lose of his son that was captured and publicly executed by the alliance for thinking he stole valuable information
And head to earths moon for the funeral and saw his x-wife that he hasn’t seen in a long time
The arkangel heads to the caves sector to finish the Narada’s once and for all
And they sent out several Romulan Warbirds
The pah’wraiths punished him for bringing back someone who died and take away his powers and the val’kar’ans decide to take out Terok Nor
For a while now the alliance is in disarray And the chief science officer found a way to use negative omega the red color as a weapon in hopes of destroy the valkarans because they use the blue omega
Dr.davidious found a way to safely remove the device and then have transporter room beam it far away before it explodes
The pah’wraiths return his powers to him
And casey meets the Hy’Yana Gurtiyans for the first time and fights them in their plain of existence.
The lord marshall had the imperial commander of the sector 31-45 sent about 47 ships to prepare for battle of the hobus system the arkangel cause the star to go supernova to destroy the first wave of ships
At the end the first wave of valkaran fleet defeated but with a heavy cost Terok nor is destroys and the crew settle on Empok nor and bring it to Bajor and they would be better prepared next time
And the crew found a ship that looks like the relativity then ends the season
And the Narada arc is still going on after this episode

I might be giving you the plots several more of these with changes in a while
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Production Staff
Production Staff

Posts : 461
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PostSubject: Re: DARK FRONTIER SEASON 2 PLOTS   DARK FRONTIER SEASON 2 PLOTS Icon_minitimeMon Mar 05, 2012 10:10 pm

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